Workshops: Writing For Results


Effectiveness, connectedness and clarity count – perhaps now more than ever. This program helps you put together all the elements of good business writing, so you can write faster and clearer with greater confidence and better results. The insights and tools this one-day program provide have made Writing For Results one of the most popular, consistently well received business-writing seminars available anywhere.

The workshop comprises several modules designed to aid learning and improve recall.

Correct Writing

Review the rules of grammar and punctuation to ensure everything you write is letter perfect. This module contains a comprehensive guide to correct business usage, complete with examples and a handy index.

Clear and Concise Writing

Learn and practice the principles of clear and concise writing through CLEAR, an acronym for five easy-to-remember steps to clearer, crisper, more energetic writing.

Effective Writing

Learn essential tips on planning (audience, objective, right information), using effective tone, and structuring all your business writing to achieve acceptance and results – every time.

A Comprehensive Workbook

You’ll receive an unabridged Better Business Writing workbook, including special topics not directly covered in the seminar: e-mail, proposals, business cases, reports and more.


  • Increase your influence and credibility with stakeholders and colleagues.
  • Avoid costly misunderstanding that stems from imprecise writing.
  • Improve rapport with readers.
  • Master punctuation and grammar, and learn to edit your own writing.
  • Find a natural, effective writing voice for every writing situation.
  • Hone your thinking skills.
  • Learn to structure your letters and e-mails for maximum effectiveness.
  • Improve your e-mail writing.
  • Cut down on writing time.


Up to 15 Full Day; or Three 2-hour Zoom Meetings


Keep it up and you might just change the world!

—Maureen Noel, Pacific Blue Cross

While the course content was serious, Doug was able to inject fun and humour …The eleven participants evaluated the workshop and gave an average score of 4.7 out of a possible 5.

—Mo-Jean Lai, Vancouver International Airport Authority

This has been the most popular course of our training program…The additional participation is largely a result of word-of-mouth feedback from attendees generating interest and excitement throughout the employee group.

–Deborah Best, TSX

Very interesting and well-prepared seminar. The instructor knows how to keep people interested. A+.

–Marc Thériault, CGA Canada