Workshops: A Better Presenter


Those presenters who make understanding and action easy for audiences win support for resources, establish credibility, reinforce leadership, and facilitate better decision-making. You’ll learn to increase your influence by better connecting your messages to your audience’s needs and demonstrating competence on your feet.

Through a series of practice exercises, you will improve both the design and delivery of your messages, so you get the acceptance and action needed to move people and projects forward.

A small group combined with expert, proven coaching provides a safe and productive learning environment. If you have a will to be more influential, this program shows you the way—guaranteed.


  • Increase your visibility and influence with clients and colleagues.
  • Learn techniques to channel nervous energy positively.
  • Practice delivery skills that capture and hold your audience’s attention and increase your credibility.
  • Structure and streamline your message so it’s easy to follow and easy to accept.
  • Gain powerful insights on effective use of visual aids.
  • Learn how to respond with poise and presence to any kind of question.
  • Receive insightful and personalized feedback from a recognized expert.


Six maximum (4 minimum). Full Day; Or Four 90-minute Zoom Meetings


When I was in T&D, I hired Doug and I was thrilled with his depth of expertise and his inspirational delivery style. The skills he teaches are critical to professionals everywhere and needed more than ever.

–Tracie Moser, Partner and Organizational Development Consultant, Truce Solutions

We required the talents of Doug to work with our Business Transformation Team at our senior management level. I am pleased to report the sessions were a success…Doug had done his homework and incorporated messages specific to our organization and culture; he had a strong understanding of our objective and focused his energies appropriately. The participants had nothing but positive feedback…We have seen immediate results since this team participated in the sessions…

–Manager, Employee Development Coast Capital Savings

By all accounts the program and you were a smashing success.

–Jill Ellis, HR Manager, Heart & Stroke Foundation

In-depth, yet practical content with honest, thoughtful feedback focused on each individual’s strengths and development needs. Doug’s presentation program has been a great fit for our organization.

–Lonni Swanlund, Director of HR, BC Ferries

Doug is an awesome facilitator. He listens intently, teaches effectively and leaves everyone with a positive and improved presentation. I would highly recommend him and this course.

–John Hofman