For those unable to invest the time for a longer-format workshop, we have a great solution. We call them Whiteboards: 90-minute group-coaching sessions held either in your offices or via Zoom. Our Whiteboards are ideal for either intact teams or for groups of participants within your organization who want a combination of instruction and coaching in a shorter format.

Whiteboards are stand-up sessions:

Up to 8 participants per session

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For more information, please e-mail info@convenor.ca

Good listening improves connection, team trust and performance. Everyone appreciates good listening. How can we listen in ways that alter the quality and depth of the interaction. You’ll learn four levels of listening, and how each level can be used in a variety of work-related situations.

Everybody presents; few connect. When you speak with presence and audience focus, you connect better and build trust and confidence in your messages. We explore delivery in this session, with practice and coaching. Learning to put yourself and others at ease is priority one.

Gain insight on planning, tone, and structuring messages. Uncover ways to make it easier for readers to accept and act on your messages with confidence. Bring an e-mail or letter (one page maximum) you want input on, preferably one you struggled with.

Whether pitching prospects or ideas internally, selling is the transfer of trust. We explore your sales pitch and how it can be honed to better meet your audience’s needs. This is a coaching session that starts with what you have, and then helps you identify ways to sharpen the impact and win trust.

Meetings can be a real energy suck and leave people wondering whether it was worth it. We’ll review the things that will help keep people focused, engaged and contributing. We’ll also begin from where you are and go from there. You might need some tweaks or you might need more.

We’ll uncover your own team dynamics and challenges through the lens of available models. Then we’ll explore ways you can build trust individually and together for higher levels productivity and team performance. Who knows: An outside-in view might help you get unstuck.

Imagine everyone on your team, or in your organization, doing the things that built trust and avoiding what burns it. Learn the simple, powerful habits to build a sustainable culture of trust. It’s a win-win-win solution: people win, organizations win, and customer-clients win. More trust boosts speed, satisfaction, retention, productivity, purpose and energy – while reducing cost, time, and stress.

Dialogue is the guided process of thinking together. In this Whiteboard, we introduce eight principles (ways of engaging) and four intentions (ground rules) that allow groups to address issues without falling back on unhealthy, and unhelpful, group dynamics. Use them to improve trust in other contexts as well.