Meet Doug Mollenhauer

Play Video about Meet Doug Mollenhauer, a professional communication coach in Vancouver. Through Convenor, he helps organizations improve business writing, dialogue, trust building and presentations.

I’ve been a suit and a creative. Started a communication-training company in 1995. Led a popular, sold-out seminar in the Executive Education program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business for 10+ years. I’ve written articles on leadership, purpose and communication for The Globe and Mail. Coached CEOs in speaking. Coached, with genuine care and commitment, more than 8,000 people in communication from more than 150 client organizations, including many of BC’s best-known companies. Helped them find their voice and build trust – in person, in writing, and in groups.

I believe better communication matters now. It fosters not just productivity but also connectedness, inclusiveness and unity in a polarizing world. It invents a better future. Prevents us from talking past each other. Effective communication is foundational. It’s what strong, healthy and trusted organizations are built on. Yet, it can’t be taken for granted. It takes some coaching and training. Some finding of the wisdom within us.

I live with my wife and son, and our feisty little dog Chili, in Vancouver, BC. It’s a good life, made better by doing what you love. And what’s important.

I’d be really pleased to connect. And make good things happen.


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