Why | Get Trust Going

Convene means come together. Safely.

You’re better together – especially when working with trust and cooperation. What if all the energy that goes to turf battles, politics, hidden agendas, defensiveness, and feeding egos goes instead to building trust. It goes to what matters, serving the mission and the client-customer.

Trust rules. According to research by Paul Zak, a researcher and author, high-trust organizations outperform low-trust ones dramatically: 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 50% more productivity, 60% more joy, 50% more retention, and 70% more purpose. And there’s more: 56% higher job satisfaction, 13% fewer sick days, and 22% more innovation. There’s even 29% more life satisfaction. Trust allows for natural, unguarded interaction where people can do their best work. And contribute more.


Trust, however, is not a given. It’s earned – in every meeting, every effort to build consensus or generate new thinking, every presentation, every e-mail and one-on-one. Success, in its many forms, is temporary. Trust is what sustains it.

Why - Doug Mollenhauer - Professional Communication Coaching Services in Vancouver - Convenor